Call Committee Updates

  • The Call Committee continues its search for the Lead Pastor. We have spent the summer months working closely with the Bishop's office to find candidates. We have begun interviewing candidates and brought one candidate in for several in-person interviews. However, at this point we continue to search for someone more closely aligned to the mission of Alleluia! We are sorting through candidates presented by the synod, and we have expanded our search to include other candidates. The assistant to the Bishop is helping us sort through the candidates to find the best matches for our church. We ask for your continued prayers and patience in this process.

  • The Call Committee continues to search and interview potential pastors for the Lead Pastor position.  As we continue on this journey, we have established a set of minimum criteria in order to proceed through the process.  The next slate of candidates appears to be very promising, but will take time.  For balanced perspective, the number of pastors retiring annually far exceeds the number of new pastors being ordained.   

    What we need from the congregation is to continue to come to worship, participate in activities, and pray that when we find the right Lead Pastor we can showcase how wonderful Alleluia! is.

  • We provide the following information in response to questions regarding the Ministry Site Profile (MSP).  Last October we surveyed the congregation regarding what they felt to be the most important ministry tasks and gifts for a new senior pastor.  The results are listed below:

    Ministry Tasks   

    1. Evangelism/Mission
    2. Financial Management
    3. Preaching/Worship
    4. Building a sense of community
    5. Conflict management


    Ministry Gifts   

    1. Help people develop their spiritual lives
    2. Build a sense of community among those with whom they work
    3. Be an effective communicator
    4. Deal effectively with conflict
    5. Be able to share leadership and work as a team

    Additional Helpful Ministry Gifts   

    • Provide care and nurture
    • Be active in visitation of members and non-members
    • Be an effective administrator
    • Work regularly in the development of stewardship growth
    • Bring joy and good humor to relationships
    • The Ministry Site Profile has been completed and launched
    • Interviews have begun, consisting of initial phone screenings and on-site interviews and discussions

    • Ministry Site Profile is completed and posted
    • Candidate slate is being prepared by ELCA Synod
    • Call Committee is preparing process and materials for interviewing candidates with initial interviews commencing in April

What's a Call Committee?

In June 2022, the Call Committee was formed to represent Alleluia! in the search for a new lead pastor. This committee consists of nine active Alleluia! members including:

  • April Blair
  • Deb Bostjancic
  • Kelly Cunningham
  • Kristin Doonan
  • Kerry Hunnius
  • Rick Jasien
  • Caroline Ramirez
  • Mike Vbra
  • Matt White

We will update and share information on this webpage with the Alleluia! congregation as we continue gathering information. The call committee thanks you for your patience as we continue moving through this confidential process. Please direct specific questions to one of the committee members listed above.