Volunteer at Alleluia!

Serve the Lord while serving others through volunteer ministries

For services on Friday at 5:00pm and Sunday at 9:00am and 10:30am, we use the following volunteers:

1 Welcome Center Host, 2 Greeters, 2 Ushers, and 1 Lector

Other areas that need volunteers are the Garden Team,  Kitchen, Kitchen Towels, and Preparing and Delivering Meals Team.

For more information or if you are ready to sign up,

The Volunteer Ministry Coordinator will get back to you. CLICK HERE   

  • Welcome Center

    The Welcome Center Host is at the hub of information and connection. He/she answers questions and is adept at providing information about our ministries.  The Welcome Center Host is familiar with the church building to direct guests appropriately and also looks to connect visitors with ministry leaders.



    Greeters have the opportunity to express God's love and help make a great first impression as people enter the church building. The ideal greeter is both friendly and welcoming, greeting everyone with a genuine smile, and offering guest assistance as needed.

  • Usher

    Ushers create a welcoming environment to the sanctuary and set the tone for every visitor's personal experience.  A great usher is friendly, courteous, and able to anticipate visitors' needs.


    Lectors read the scriptures for the service. The Lector's reading of the Word sets the stage for the sermon that the Pastor will be presenting.  A great Lector has a clear, loud voice.  


For those who would rather LISTEN to music than play or sing, volunteers can be trained on our sound board and adjust it during the worship service of your choice!  Once the role of all the knobs and buttons is explained, you'll find it's not as intimidating as you might have thought!

Contact Michele Nelson at mnelson@alleluia.church

with questions or to express interest.


Love to cook?  Interested in gardening?  Are you a handyman or handywoman?

See below for other ways to volunteer at Alleluia!

  • gardening TEAM

    The Gardening Team helps keep the entrance areas of the church looking beautiful with plants and flowers.  

  • Kitchen towels

    Someone's got to do it!  Alleluia! Towels is a group of volunteers who wash, fold, and return the kitchen towels to church each week. You simply pick the towels up sometime over the weekend and return them Monday, so that clean towels are available in the kitchen for Little Blessings and Alleluia! activities. 

  • kitchen team

    The Kitchen Cooking Team meets as needed to help prepare meals for Alpha, New Member and other events at church. 

    Alleluia! Delivers is a group that signs up to take meals to members going through difficult times.