• Congregational Meeting -  There will be one service on this morning at 10am.

    The congregational meeting will follow the 10am service.

    The meeting includes elections to fill three vacancies on the church council.   

    The nominees are:

    Gary Zoet to serve a second term (one-year term) 

    Jenn Vrba to serve a second term (two-year term)

    Chris Sulzner to serve a first term (two-year term)

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    This meeting will also include votes on approving the 2024 budget and ratifying the revised Alleluia! constitution.

  • Special Congregational Meeting Called for Jan. 28, 2024

    The purpose of this meeting is to consider and vote on revisions to Alleluia!'s constitution. The proposed revisions incorporate language that is required or recommended by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. They also add needed clarity to other sections. The Church Council has approved these changes.  More information will be provided in the coming weeks.

    There is one service that Sunday at 10:00am.  The congregational meeting will be held following the 10:00am service. 

  • Interested in serving on Church Council?

    Those considering serving on the council should be active and voting members of the congregation, regular participants at worship, faithful givers, committed followers of Jesus, and supportive of our mission and vision.  This commitment requires monthly participation at council meetings, active participation at church activities, and the desire to serve as a collaborative team member to assist Alleluia! in reaching its full potential.

    Alleluia! members interested in serving on the Church Council are asked to indicate their interest and supply the requested information by
    December 3, 2023.  This information will be given to the nominating committee.  CLICK HERE for the Church Council Interest Form.

  • The Church Council will soon be appointing a Nominating Committee to develop the 2024 slate of candidates for Church Council.  Any member interested in serving on the Nominating Committee is asked to indicate their interest by Oct. 31, 2023 by clicking the button below and supplying the requested information.  Those serving on the Nominating Committee should be active in the congregation and able to work collaboratively.  Members of the Nominating Committee are not themselves eligible to be considered for a position on the Church Council.  The work of the Nominating Committee usually consists of one to two meetings.

    Click Here to indicate interest

  • The church council has been meeting over the summer and discussing key priorities and accomplishments. Kurtis Arndt has been hired as Youth Ministry Director and Alleluia! now has a brand-new website. The call committee continues its search for a lead pastor, so prayers continue in that search.

    The council is focused on certain key areas for the remainder of 2023. These include:

    o        Working with Little Blessings to better align with the church and maximize student enrollment.

    o        Roger Russell, head of the finance committee, has been present at every meeting with financial updates and recommendations.

    o        Beginning the update of the church constitution and bylaws.

    o        Developing a Human Resources strategy and plan across Alleluia! and Little Blessings.

    o        Revitalizing the youth programs with numerous summer events.

    o        The Stewardship team is meeting for our Fall Pledge Campaign for 2024.

    o        The council has begun reading the book Belong, by Barnabas Piper. Pastor David and Darcy Jasien are leading the discussion. The plan is to make this a 
            recommended reading for the congregation along with small group discussions.

    o        The council has adopted 2023 goals that are quantifiable and measurable. A report on the progress will be given at the end of the year.

  • Our April 9 meeting started with a presentation from Pastor David on stewardship.  We reflected on stewardship as an opportunity to be drawn together more deeply in community and mission here at Alleluia! 

    This coming month we will be reaffirming the mission of Alleluia! in a series of temple talks by the Council and the Stewardship team. We will be providing updates on Youth Ministry, opportunities for giving, and a Mission Pancake Breakfast planned for May.

    The Council thanks everyone who contributed to a wonderful Holy Week and Easter celebration— including all those who sang, played music, preached, participated in readings, ushered, helped with media, opened doors, engaged with young people, and attended!

  • On March 6th, 2023, the newly installed Church Council elected Gary Zoet as council chair, Jenn Vrba as vice chair, and Mike Raczak as secretary.  The Council appointed Roger Russell as chair of the church finance committee, and designated Sean Huenecke and Dan Stolle as co-chairs of the stewardship team.  Council also approved a plan to appoint a search committee for a Youth Ministry Director.  Council received a report from four members of the outgoing council to help with the transition process.

  • Interim Pastor, David Heim, has arrived at Alleluia! and has assumed all preaching and pastoral care duties until a new Lead Pastor is called by our congregation.


The Alleluia! Church Council felt it important to develop specific goals to guide their work on behalf of the congregation for each year.  After careful consideration, the following goals were approved for 2023.

  •                                   Alleluia! Lutheran Church - 2023 Council Goals



    Member Engagement/ Personnel and Human Resources


    To fill all vacant open positions and begin to address Human Resources issues identified as critical by the HR Ministry Solutions September 2022 Audit Assessment Report.


    Financial Stewardship


    To develop a long-term financial focus for Alleluia! Lutheran Church while continuing to address short term needs.




    To partner with the Senior Pastor and Alleluia! Ministry Teams to grow our church in order that more members may come, connect and commit to Jesus.




    To update the Alleluia! Lutheran Church Constitution and By-Laws.


    Little Blessings


    To establish an on-going communication plan with the Little Blessings program.

Meet the Church Council!

Our Council which also includes the Interim Pastor meets monthly to oversee our Mission & Core Values,
financials, and facility.