Alleluia! Core Value #3- "Christian learning is life-long and grounded in God’s Word."  Connect!

Spiritual growth happens in small groups as we do life together.
We offer the opportunity for adults to learn, serve, connect, and grow through...

- Study Groups

- Service Groups

- Fellowship Groups

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  • Study Groups

    Study Groups gather to discuss, learn, and reflect on God's word and teachings.  Group study is helpful to learning as it provides an opportunity for multiple observations and questions.  This enables participants to better understand the material and apply it to their own spiritual lives.

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  • Service Groups

    In his letter to early Christians, Peter writes, “God has given you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to SERVE others.” (1 Peter 4:10)  When we serve, whether in our church or in our community or world, we are serving God by using the gifts he has provided.

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  • Fellowship Groups

    Fellowship with others with shared interests is a wonderful way to build community and unity.  Getting together in a social and enjoyable setting is a great way to form new relationships and strengthen existing friendships.

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  • Women's Ministry Groups

    Alleluia! Women get together at various times for planned service, fellowship, and fun events.  Scheduled events are listed on the UPCOMING EVENTS page.

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  • Men's Ministry Groups

    Alleluia! Men get together at various times for planned service and fellowship events.  Scheduled events are listed on the UPCOMING EVENTS page.

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  • Missions

    Jesus sends us out to serve others and share the Gospel with others.  Alleluia! is a church that responds to Jesus’ call to carry out his mission in the world.

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