In-person worship

November 1st is now open

Pre-registration is required.

Each week, you can pre-register for worship beginning on Tuesday:

To register for Sunday Worship at 10:30 AM click HERE


Q:  Do I/we have to pre-register? 

A:  Yes. This is the only way we can manage attendance.


Q:  When can I sign up for following weekend services?

A:  On Tuesday of each week, you can begin pre-registering for the upcoming weekend


Q:  How many people will be there? 

A:  50-or-less worshipers, plus the pastors, musicians, and volunteers


Q:  What if the worship service time I want is full?

A:  Please register for one of the other two worship times, or watch online.


Q:  Do I have to wear a mask?

A:  Yes, masks will be required. The pastors will wear masks unless speaking.


Q:  What will worship be like? 

A:  It will look and feel “different.” Please don’t expect “what was.” For safety reasons, the worship service will be about 35 minutes. Also for safety reasons, components of our “regular” worship will be removed, for example: past Communion practices and Sharing of the Peace. The Worship Space has removed hundreds of chairs and people will be seated in different sections of chairs, using good social distancing.

Q:  Will we have Communion?

A: For safety reasons, we will share in Communion on the first weekend of each month, and at special services.  We hope to return to weekly communion when it is safe to do so.

Q:  I/we aren't comfortable returning to in-person worship yet.  Will the streaming service continue online?
A:  Streaming worship continues each Sunday at 9:15 AM on our YouTube Channel or 10:30 AM on our Facebook Page.

Q:  Will there be KidsConnect for the children?

A:  Not in-person during worship, but is going full-force online!  Register for KidsConnect to learn all about Children's Ministries.

Q:  Will the nursery be open?  The Family Room?  The Well Coffee Shop?

A:  Not at this time.  Your safety is a top priority, so none of these will be open until further notice.